Monday, May 23, 2011

The World’s First Desktop Computer Running Google’s Chrome OS

While Google made reference to forthcoming desktops running its Chrome OS at its recent I/O conference, the company provided few specifics. Xi3 has since filled that breach by announcing that its ChromiumPC will be the first desktop to run the operating system when it launches in early July.

Xi3 had designed a modular architecture for the ChromiumPC, which means that it consists of processor and I/O modules rather than a traditional motherboard. Further, the I/O modules — one for communications ports and the second for other connectivity — are swappable. 
Though few specs are known for the ChromiumPC, it will use an x86-based processor — either single or dual-core — and be released in several color choices. Xi3 says third parties are interested in creating their own modules, and flavors of ChromiumPC running other operating systems will also be available.

Xi3 says it will disclose more information about the ChromiumPC — including, presumably, its price — before the launch date, so we’ll know more for Chrome adherents to decide if they will want to plunk down some money to get a desktop device to run the alternative operating system.

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  1. Somewhat interested... need to see more specs.