Friday, May 27, 2011

Sony confirms development of PlayStation 4

Sony Corp. has confirmed that it had initiated development of the next-generation PlayStation video game console. 

At the same time, the company admitted that due to global economic crisis along with its own business problems, it would not invest the same amounts of money into the PlayStation 4 as it did in case of the PS3.

"The PS3 still has product life, but this is a platform business. So for the future platform, when will we introduce it? What product? I cannot discuss that. 

But development work is already underway," said Masaru Kato, chief financial officer of Sony, at a meeting with investors noting that part of the FY2012's (began on March 31, 2011) R&D budget would be spent on the PS4.


  1. Meh. At least they won't retail at launch with a $600 product. Nobody wants that.

  2. Sony needs a big pick up from what they've been doing.

  3. They should just update old software and hardware instead of coming out with new things.